lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

Love by Villas

This year was a really “baby boom” in my little circle of friends… I got really touched more than one time when I had this nice surprise hearing that a big friend was becoming a father/mother… That really inspired me in a production of a serie of graffiti attacks called “my little playground”, that is all about kids playing arround.
Those are some photos of my last one as my christmas card so whe can share this love with all the childrens of our lives and for the children that whe have inside as well…:)
This piece is a special tribute to love and it´s dedicaded to Lola, Bruna, Marti y Lluc, Theo, Miguel, Antonio Laudo, Pedro, Gustavo e Eduardo, Vitória, Violeta, Antonio Pedro, Beatriz, Pedro Bem, Clhoé y Lucia and all kids of your friends too!
Have a nice christmas and a wonderful 2010!